today , son of Montenegrin self-fugitive corrupt Thaksin posted on his Facebook . explained why TV3′ s Nuer Mek drama irony insults  Shinawatra family

he explained cause 2  of characters in Nea Mek drama ,  one name Pethtae and another name Piarpilin refer to him (Panthongtae) and his sister (Piarthongthan) ….

Pethtae ~ Panthongtae

Piarpilin ~ Piarthongthan

Ho , how can he imagine like that. it’s just Lakorn (drama) , i watch Nea Mek almost every weekend and never thought as that. Piarpilin in Nea Mek is heroine, beautiful , smart and clever. but many Thais thinks opposite about Thaksin’s child.

Pethtae also unable to compare to Phanthongtae cause character is corrupt business women. so why Phanthongtae compare himself is the lady ? it’s mystery.

how ever Panthongtae claims he wants TV3 to re-continue  Nea Mek again even his dislike. he also shows Voltaire quotes to support his intelligence …, 😛

how ever TV3 owner still claims reason to banned Nea Mek is not relate to politic. but if we read Phanthongtae’s writing  .. we already get real reasons.