Satureday June 2 , 2012 Thaksin Shinawatra appeared in video link to Red Shirt’s convention at Impact Arena exhibition center, Thunder Hall.

Thaksin said to his supporters as “he had 84,000 billion baht before entered to political sphere and Thieves (Court) stole his money”
but if compared the officail data of National Anti Corruption Committee (NACC) which all thai politicians must delear asset to NACC before/after be minister. it’s not times when Thaksin and family had money nearly 84,000 billions.

in Febuary 2010 , when Political Department of Criminal Court  convicted Thaksin for corruption and confiscated 46 billions baht from his wealth. same day Thaksin phoned-in to his supporters at Peathai party building. he vowed to revenge. also April-May  , Thailand was drifted into crisis. Red Shirt use weapons to fighting against Govt. several deads in April, and then in May Red-Shirts burned down capital shopping mall. and city- halls in many provinces.

polices able to arrested many terrorists (Red Shirts) who burned halls . many of them have been convicted , live in prison.

but Thaksin by his sister , Yingluck aimed to push “Unity bill” as they call it. but the fact this bill is “Amnesty for Thaksin and Red Terrrorists” … The bill will cancelled all charges against Red Shirts, Thaksin whatever “crime” they did since 2006  and have to return 46 billions to Shinawatra.