Letter from woman (normal woman) to woman (who’s prime minister)

translate from Thai by CWA .. The letter written by Earn Kallayakorn (Thai Singer,Writer) 

[[[sorry forward if somethings wrong. ]]]
Khun Yingluck Shinawatra became PM on 5 August 2011, 28th PM of Thailand and the First Female Prime Minister
at the first when Yingluck has been position , women inside and abroad are so welcomed , even me wrote on Facebook as “personally , don’t though she as First Female PM cause she won election without her own ability. but cause the man be-hide her. people elected her not “Yingluck” but “Shinawatra” . so should not count her as First ”
we will have real first PM only when that woman struggle with herself and prove her ability to people , show us she can be leader, only
forget it. now , however we has first female premier in history. since she in the position. we should care about outcomes of her government. early things seem good , Yingluck is looked no leadership but she’s softy and polite. she made bad images of her cabinet, her MPs better. even her policies have widespread discussion. some like and some unlike up to each views. But whenever Yingluck visited neighbored countries and her photos were printed on newspapar… so good looking.
concluded ,image improved. we just have a good looking one , ready to show off the face for country.
remember ! when election. her supporters said she was “lady on white horse” to protected this land and compared her to women in prophet Lingdam ‘s forecasting.
but when water disaster has coming. big mass of water has challenged her leadership ability…. outcomes don’t need much explanation.
not only Yinluck failed all dimensions as country-leader but she also damaged women’s image.
men might don’t understand. to be working women , to prove women’s abilities. to fit the position and task. women must harder work than men. many of women spend more time to erase attitudes such “women are weakness living” , “women is good only when beautiful” . patient on sex violence. while prevent herself but manage to avoid effect working. same time must show women is clever enough. can’t go drinking , can’t buy sex servicing as men bosses. can’t say sex jokes as men did. women can’t made private time with boss as men did after working. also only way for women to prove ability as working.
some may said above not happening anymore in present. but …. it’s exist. i’m women. i’m working. i face anythings i said by myself. and not only me with those problems. many of us, also i understand and say so.
to Khun Yingluck , as woman. not only must to be good premier but please must show “ability without depend on sex” , You is first female premier. you bear on our images. you must fight (not only when on-air) , you must strong… and must to control all (Ao-Yoo)
reality , Khun Yingluck failed.
Yingluck pinned on women are weak creature. disability to communication to public. unable to control her own cronies. unable to made decisions when need. women can’t be leader. whatever Yinluck did and don’t … repeatedly show that women can’t task a big job. women just women. for dress up beautiful , can’t do other things… I’m sad.
thinking ! in the future if some woman has good ability , but other may fear the history will repeat. ever tried but failed, also let it end. and if other women who haven’t not good backup as Khun Yinluck … don’t made a hope.
i suspected. at the past. how Khun Yingluck managed national leading companies?how your family companies survival? or Khun Yingluck didn’t manages its by herself ? just has good certificate,expensive dresses, and daily salon ,cosmetics … and put ass on chair only !
your poor managements and communication like this.. if you hasn’t “Brother” to push back. what you able to do now? … i guess …go salon, go shopping , go spa, and back home to waiting husband.
i admit. i afraid when i wrote this letter might affect my life. her supporters may hunts my head cause my reviews on their beloved leader. but i must speaking. frankly and don’t take sides. speak as people in democracy systems allow to opinion. and say cause i’m a woman.
if i got someone like Yingluck , it’s not depend on parties. i will said similar.
Khun Yingluck proved herself , she is not “women on white horse” . not a legend heroic woman …. she just woman riding water-horse.