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many goods necessary for daily living such rice , dried foods, mobile toilets ,canned foods have been send to Don Muang Airport. as Thailand’s Government use it as Food Relive Operation Center (FROC) . in the early days when FROC was settled many volunteers went to help packing rescued bags. many thais hoped it ‘s was good signal for unity after many years of Shirt Colors Crisis.

but few days later , Red Shirts have been dominated this Airports … and goods ,prior delivery around flood areas , now more than 24 provinces still underwater.  all life bags was rebranding. be labelled as “From Yingluck Shinawatra” , “From Peau Thai Party” , “From Thaksin Shinawatra” before sent.

but more criticals are , not all flood victims are help. which houses, villages which not hold Red Flags will not get life bags.

this is real crisis today. Yingluck not only unable to tackle crisis. flood problem has continued more than 3 months since Aug. form northern province of Thailand, until huge water drain into Ayuttaya , Bangkok destroys more than 7 industrial estates.

she just established FROC 2 weeks ago. and FROC missed informations make more wide public panics.  leaders of FROC , Mr.Pracha Bhramnik just a retired police, and Mr. Podprasob Suratsawadi is former tiger smuggle prisoner. both are not specialist to battle natural disaster.

Yingluck Shinawatra , today 23 Oct. 2010 she just invite Mr.Pramote Maiklad , thailand rear specialist about water management, former chief of Water Irrigation Department to join FROC team. after long days crisis. and look like nearly late.

people learn to stand on their knees instead of trust on first female prime minister. believe in slogan “‎”Intellectuals fill the sandbags, while buffaloes make the plans.”

water-buffalo is sign of fool in Thailand … but honesty water buffaloes are more loved by thais and useful than Yingluck