ruins after clashing (or Real War as Hun Sen’s claim) in Sri Sa Ket Province in Thailand ,

Phra Viharn Temple in some sand stones were fragment as it’s base of Cambodian soldiers to fired into western side (Thai’s school below)

Boom Saron School were ablaze on the first day 4 Feb. when Cambodia started shell.  20 thousands farmers became refugees immediately .

problem is Cambodia used Phra Viharn Temple , status as World Heritage to accused Thailand as excessively defense or destroy Heritage Site. it’s as Sad Dam when first gulf  war.  Sad Dam went to World Heritage and challenged alien army. or Taliban , former Afghanistan whom  destroyed Bamiyan Buddha tallest-statue.

if you have heart , School where alive still living-in … must more important than incomparable with stones. Sivha god ,Temple worship for. he will happy if know children life’s, residents life’s still grow and older than anything.