31/01/2011 18:23

BANGKOK, Jan. 31 – RIA Novosti, Eugene Belenky. Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva called on Monday the war with Cambodia, the latest tool for solving the territorial dispute and said that his government would resort to force only when all other actions will not take its success, according to on Monday, the Thai media.

First – diplomacy, war – and then

“Use of force will be the last tool that we use only if we will have no other choice” – said Prime Vejjajiva, whose words are quoted by the electronic version of the newspaper Bangkok Post .

“I believe that both the Thai and Cambodian government will stick to peaceful means in resolving our border dispute,” – said Vejjajiva.

“My intention to use peaceful approach to resolving the border conflict does not mean that my government is afraid of war with Cambodia,” – said the prime minister.

Таиланд и Камбоджа нормализуют дипотношения и вновь обменяются послами
Thailand, Cambodia and normalize diplomatic relations and exchange ambassadors again

Territorial dispute between Thailand and Cambodia goes to the mid-1960’s, when the decision of the International Court of territory surrounding the ancient Hindu temple of Angkor Empire era, Preah Vihear (in Thai – Phra Vihan), was recognized as belonging to Cambodia. On the maps printed in Thailand, this area still shows how Thai.

With the recognition of the Temple of Preah Vihear World Heritage Site by UNESCO long-standing conflict escalated.Thailand tried to block the granting of Cambodia’s development plan for the area around the temple, but Thailand’s diplomats could only postpone the event.

In 2000, the parties signed a memorandum on border demarcation in the area of the temple. Established two-sided commission on demarcation, however, is slow. Plans for joint exploitation of the territory as a tourist attraction, which were developed under the government of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, were suspended in 2006 after a military coup in Thailand, which overthrew the Shinawatra and the lifting of the constitution.

Foreign policy as a continuation of domestic

When in 2009 the authorities in Thailand to come to the Government of the Democratic party headed by Vejjajiva consisting of opponents Shinawatra, relations with Cambodia deteriorated due to the continuing friendship of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen with Shinawatra, who after the coup, went into exile and still directs his supporters from abroad. Some time in 2010 Shinawatra held the position of Adviser to the Government of Cambodia on the economy, which has also heightened tensions.

The escalation of the border dispute with Cambodia emerged largely through the actions of the most consistent opponents Shinawatra – the members of the nationalist and ultra-patriotic movement “zheltorubashechnikov” united in the People’s Alliance for Democracy (NAD). “Zheltorubashechniki” played a leading role in preparing the crisis of 2006, which culminated in a military coup.

Their massive street protests and the seizure of government buildings and international airports contributed to the downfall of two consecutive prochinavatovskih governments, which, one after another, came to power after a military coup. They were, and as allies of the Democratic Party, which came to power in a parliamentary vote due to their support and pressure from the military. One of the leaders of the movement, a retired diplomat Kasit Pir, became foreign minister in the government of Democrats.

At the end of 2010, “zheltorubashechniki” intensified their efforts to achieve the government Vejjajiva “decisive action” to “the return of territories occupied by Cambodia.” By this time the way the Democratic Party and the NAD is largely dispersed. In addition, more aggressive action on the streets of Bangkok, according to the guidelines of “yellow”, make them more “points” before the general election to be held this year. At these elections, “zheltorubashechniki” go away from the Democrats: last year they created for this purpose the Party of the new policy (PPP).

Flag of the block

Before the New Year splinter over “patriotic Thai Network provoked Cambodian military for the arrest of its activists, among whom was a member of parliament from the Democratic Party. Most detainees were deported back home to solve the Cambodian court in early January, but one group leader, was in Cambodia under investigation on charges of espionage: the activists were detained at a military facility, and the leader of the group have been detained in the same place two years ago and then gave Cambodian authorities to sign a statement that illegally cross the border will be no more.

During the time that the activists’ network “was held in jail in Cambodia, the relationship between zheltorubashechnikami” and the Thai government finally soured. Foreign Minister Pir, who called on nationalists to stop push “children’s unreasonable demands,” “zheltorubashechniki” called a traitor. Their mass rally at Government House and the prospect Ratchadamnen in the historic part of Bangkok, which are constantly up to 5,000 people, does not stop on January 25.

Protesters demanding the government to “cleanse the occupied territories” of the Cambodian military and settlers tore a memorandum on border demarcation in 2000 and withdrew from the Committee on the UNESCO World Heritage Site in protest against the “occupation of Cambodia, the Thai territory.” Leaders OVER refused to negotiate with the government until such time as the government does not “show that it is prepared to defend the sovereignty of Thailand.”

In January, at the request of Thailand, Cambodian troops dismantled and carried from the disputed territory of two stone arches, on which was written “Here begins the territory of Cambodia” in Thai language. At the subsequent requirement to remove from the disputed territory and the Cambodian national flag of Cambodia said increased border garrison. On Monday, a disputed territory arrived Cambodian tank unit and the additional force of infantry commanded by the sons of Prime Minister Hun Sen’s.

On Monday, Thai Foreign Ministry has sent Cambodia is another requirement to remove the flag from the disputed territory, but received a reply from Phnom Penh, under which flag flies over Cambodian territory and shoot him because Cambodians do not intend to.

Protesters’ zheltorubashechnikov “at Government House are still calling for the Government of decisive action” to liberate occupied territories. ”