just recently saturday, Combodia accused Thail army use of chemical weapon. but today another accusation Cambodia said Thailand’s also use cluster bomb.

Cambodia not shown official data how much it’s lost. but Cambodia medias still wrote low number.

but addition , belong to nation one Thai soldier whom injured ,later died in hospital last tuesday , cause cluster bomb.
both countries didn’t not sign agreement to Convention of Cluster munition. how ever Thailand’s weapon all import from USA,EU that agree to not product cluster bomb.
camobdia still used lot of soviet weapons include PFM-1 land mine that Cambodia able to product by it’s self since Soviet transfered Technical to it.

today many war refugees in Thailand side , return their homes. even fear that Hun Sen will fire their home and school anytime. how ever they told Life as refugee are costly” . income stop , only spending.

residents have two divided thinking, some support army not only self-protection as present time. resident need clam. but unacceptable if Cambodia invade and aggressive again.
Let’s tell that former Guerilla. “i’m not afraid of your shit”