Warmonger, Hun Sen said “it’s real war” as news from Xinhua ,

This is the real war, not the military clash, Hun Sen said.

he also said the War will take long time. Hun Sen desires, and wants third parties intervention.

Thailand has 2 soldiers were killed between clashing since 4-7 Feb. clashing stop in night of 8 Feb. how ever tension continue and ten thousands resident in Sri Saket are evacuated, Hun Sen ‘s armies directly target to shelled into villager’s houses.

Cambodian also use World Heritage as base  , Reporters able to took many photos with RPG , ammunitions. but Cambodia official fib -denied.

but foolish Hun Sen, who long time served as guerilla in deep wood of Phanomdongrak mountains, did he know how to civilization war did ?

  • first he must back to parliament and sign decree of war to Thailand
  • Hun Sen must closed all border passing gates with Thailand , to acting as war but today Hun  Sen ‘s generals still smuggle products as marijuana, cigarettes,alcohol  , and many goods with out custom into Thailand.
  • Hun Sen must expel Thailand ‘s ambassador to protesting Thailand , and close air traffic.

if he able do all as suggestion , so that time will be real war. but Hun Sen just barking on the newspaper , and not real .