Cambodian infantry inside Heritage

Photo :

Cambodia clash with Thailand 4,5,6,7 Feb. 2011


form Thais’ views we don’t know why Cambodia have to strike our country first.

Cambodia was initiate  all aggressive motives.

1. put the sign with words “Thailand invaded Cambodia”  later change to “Here is Cambodia in the 4.6 square Km , conflicting area claims by both countries. later signs were broken.

2. rise cambodian flag in conflicting area. Hun Sen also said later the war “occurred cause Cambodia can’t follow Thailand’s requesting to remove flag” he claims. his word present his motive to rise war with Thailand

3. he just promoted his son Manet as 2 stars general. by Cambodian people it’s mistake and many complaining inside Cambodia. also he made war with Thailand , and propaganda about his son roles in the war field (also reported Hun Manet was injured form bomb scraps , but totally propaganda. Cambodian soldiers denied seen his son in field ,even one photo never appear(may be between photoshop processing))

4. Cambodia arrested 7 Thais include 1 MP , and 2 PAD members accused them with border violence. Hun Sen also said “Even UN can’t help them” and Court of Cambodia has triple standards

five Thais get bail ,

one Ratri , PAD member , 5 years jailing term

one name Veera , PAD member , 8 years jailing term.

why only one group get very different ruling form Hun Sen’s court. why easier charge someone as espionage when they just walked near border , or as just received phone as 2 year ago. Hun Sen sentence one Thai engineer as spy cause he just received phone as about Did Thaksin’s plane arrive yet ? ….

it’s so sad that Heritage was damaged amid clashing. but that because cambodia installed army inside Temple. normally none of UNESCO members ever send troop into Heritage , but Cambodia always keep ammunitions  and militias inside temple always even no war.

Hun Sen just request want to set buffer zone , but where and how?

is he understand what is it,buffer zone? it’s none soldiers zone where weapons not allow. Over all it’s may be possible only set buffer zone in Cambodia’s side only cause Thailand don’t need and may not allow, as world wide … there is no buffer zone between enemy-nations exist.

DPRK and South Korea just use strips , but hold huge border guards. or Israel builded long walls between Palestine.

Hun Sen , himself is recognized as dictatorship leader world wide. whole life with war. with his nations with his neighbors. it’s un imaginable if USA,EU which against Lukashenko of Belarus whom just 20 years in power, cause his too much popular in country. but Hun Sen has been 22 years in power with 1 help 1 coup will get support by UN.