at Angkor wat , 12 BC architecture,there are place where ancient King of Khmer Empire Suryavarman II builded the Hindu temple. present Cambodian claims they are successor of Khmer , so cambodian called themselves as Khmers instead of Cambodian.

the fact is , what present day we call it as Khmer architecture . is the Lopburi Architecture where existed longtime before Angkor Wat in 10th BC. Suryawarman II was born in present Lopburi province in center area Thailand.

Lopburi Architecture able see form  india,Burma through cambodia.

but today ignore the history story cause it’s may made Hun Sen be angry.  and i dont’ wanna made him disappoint. he just break his sign on Thailand’s hill. cause he put it’ long place by innocent. 😛

Angkor wat locate it’s Siam Reap provice of Siam (Siam Reap meaning is Siam padesh , padesh ~ state ,country in indian)

but just unlucky of Siam that lost the Siam Reap province to Vichy France … also present Cambodia claims all our treasure as their sole properties.

how ever i just wants they will more attention this heritage  more.

traveller some unhappy when visits Angkor wat , they will be offered marijuana or child sex service. (but may some happiness about it) it’s not medical marijuana but a use of drag.

if Afghanistan is the land of opium. Cambodia of Hun Sen be the land of Marijuana and children slave.

if you came to Thailand . question with why many children work in sex industry in Pattaya. the main source of that children didn’t Thailand. most form the Thailand’s good neighborhood country.

another attention, Cambodia just allow 3rd Transformer movie to use the Angkor Wat to be hiding place of secret Optimus Prime.
please take care to bricks and stones. by our regard