weeks, after 5 thais have been bailed form Cambodia prison. all men went to extra high hygiene room as semiconductor lap. they were infected viruses and malaria.
Everyone must shave his head completely. for pest control.

cambodia’s Pay Sor prison is world most dangerous place retrieve form killing field era. now cambodia use to torment politician who against Hun Sen and Hun Manet (his sone) and the gamblers form thailand whom have unpaid debt ,suggest to smuggle marijuana into thailand island resorts for payment instead. if they deny, Pay Sor is waiting for them.

last documentary film by cambodian director question popular old snare. why cambodian able to killed massive people as 2 millions and leaved millions were treated by Hun Sen’s present enemy , Thailand.

it’s will be just another value to answer movie. Hun Sen will not give answer about it. cambodian enjoyed his management and ignore his corruption until they still get little from him. as Thaksin ‘s “never eat alone” policy. until corrupt Prime still able effort poor by other tax. they will never died and more arise.