government bodies of Cambodian, officers from royal army

public unwanted lists of 5,000 Thailand citizen by use our profiles from Facebook. what is it meaning?

those 5,000 persons will be killed or may be face espionage charge if they enter Cambodia. Because the purpose of blacklists is to exclude and discriminate, they can also result in unfair and illegal discrimination. In some cases, blacklists have done great damage to people’s lives,

S-21 Tuol Sleng

5,000 thais many of are my friends , forward their ‘s grateful thank-you to Government of Cambodia ,especially Hun Sen who make new Khmer Rouge new Toul Sleng alive and favor by us . it’s shown 5000-s are the patriot to Thailand nation and sovereignty. it’s should be celebrated for us whom on s-5,ooo.

how ever it’s murky , how they consider people and put them in to list. if Cambodia’s list think all s-5000 are Yellow Shirt. it’s may be bias and credit will going to Yellow Shirt only. such me not a yellow shirt , never went to their demonstration. but The list lead the misunderstanding to their readers 🙂