Residents and Merchants in Rajchaprosong area sent opened letter to government. appeal about Red Shirt’s double demonstration a month every 10th and 19th harm their basis right of working. Rajchaprosong is the area where Red Shirt used to blocked business zone since March-May after Thaksin’s asset was confiscated by anti corruption court in Feb. that day Thaksin sworn in phone-in to Burn Thai Party “will nemesis to his enemies”
also after that business sectors will be target of Red Shirts, up and underground.
when Red Shirts blocked the Rajchaprasong and burned World Trade Center (Central World) … same times oil and electronic plants were fired by RPG or bombs.

at present when economy of country just be recovery after Red riot. They (Red Shirts) still few repentant feeling.

Merchants and residents of Rajprachong are working for just feed their life as Red shirts. that area has mixed richers and poors workers like other big cities in the world,
Red shirts asked for their right. Democracy (wants more money) but none of real reasoning. Thailand has democracy as well as other. Government from election as Thaksin Shinawatra’s 2 proxy governments.
Constitution 50 is the first constitution in thailand which have referendum before active. (so why red shirts leader and Thaksin are not admit it. even Con. of 40 which Thaksin ‘s desire never pass public hearing)

today citizens in whole Thailand just wants their basic right as well as Red Shirt want.
we have to back to work in our office and some of us have to back to plant rice, mess.
everyone have to working also they will have  affordable income.
please, Red Shirt forget the promise of corrupt politicians and Thaksin who promise to pay them huge money when returned to power.

all politicians are same promise to build the bridge even there no river , Kushev said like this. Nikita Khrushchev

leader of RedShirt many are communism. also i think they will listen to Soviet Leader.
no such revolution in world of politic will help people a better life. only the revolution in Education,Science will done.

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