seven thais include one MP were detained by cambodia soldier between inspected the border area on 3 Jan 2010. Hun Sen said no one able help them even Thaksin shinawatra ,his beloved comrade.

MP,Phanit Wikitset said in video he acknowledged the risk if climbs the strip to another side , but all Thais confident that area belong to Thailand. they walked in the road head to former Nongnajan refugee camp used by UNHCR between civil war in Cambodia.

today and manager present document from UNHCR to Thai goverment to allowed settled refugee camp between civil war in Nongnamjan in Thailand Srisaket province between 1979-1980s

but after war and until now Cambodians and Hun Sen absolute forgot it. and said Nongnamjan is belong to Cambodia. Hun Sen over action to sentence 7 Thais people for harsh measures as possible. 7 people inadvertent into Area where they think it belong to Thailand. normal diplomatic process just return them without conditions. but what cambodia Hun Sen did,  is just miscreant manner inherit from his khmer rouge experience .

Cambodian medias tried to make up the fake news about Thai soldiers killed cambodian in the border also.