Massive Explosion in Prem Tilasalanon School at Khonkaen province in northern east of thailand 3 am. today. police say it may be TNT. library of school was vast damaged. none injured. it’s like Red Terrorrists will start new chaos and more cruel agiants present. Government and Cheif of privy council. since 2006 revolution against Thaksin’s era many schools were targeted,fired.
today is children day in Thailand, and next month will be 1 anniversary since court sentenced Thaksin ‘s fault rich,and confiscated his half asset.

Burn Thai Party (Pao Thai Party in Thai words) , a pro Thaksin ,under Thaksin total control just declare yesterday to set head of party as his sister Yaowapa Shinawatra. and may be push Mingkhan Sangsuwan (former chief of to be next candidate for Prime Minister. it’s look like Thaksin not trust anybodies to control his party more than his cousins . previous Prime before Abhisit was his brother -in-law Somchai Wongsawat.

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