Thaksin forfeited grassroot ‘s popularity in the last by-election in recently 12 Nov.
Burn Thai Party as pet name of Prea-Thai Party(has been got after Red Shirts burned Bangkok in May by Molotov,tires, and crashed with authorities until 91 dead from both side)
BTP won only 1 form 4 seats.
at Nakornratchasima province Burn Thai got 20,000 less than PhoomjaiThai Party. colition
Surin Province , Phoomjai Thai greater 30,000 votes
Thaksin ‘s BTP won only 1 seat from Konkean province. how ever Democrat party had greater 500% growth from previous.

/*another seat in Bangkok , Democrat Party easily won.*/

election system once time made a wrong illusion to make Thaksin as god of poor. He used socialist persons in and out Thailand to wrote about this , most his socialist supports base in Australia. as you may read a lot of contents from Down Under.
Thaksin’s comrades (comrades who crazy in Oligarch as Thaksin) try to lies about Thailand’s situation and uses Wikileaks ‘s data to accuse Thailand’s institutions.
as the world are openness , we must aware to receives .
Economics must develops by all classes in the Social. not only by rich or only the poor , one mistake of Stalin should not be another mistake by Thaksin.
i didn’t believe in class struggle. and seek for unity of classes.

Thaksin’s good manager as Stalin, however he’s mad ,corrupt and did for himself and than work for country. a man who burned his homeland , used Men in Black attacked both authorities ,and even Red Shirts until hundreds lost since his loose the power.

Thaksin … for business , he is Madoff. for politic ,he is Stalin

Thailand now gdp are growth more than 8% in 3 quarters of this year. better than Thaksin’s era which only 4%(but inflation higher). current Government risen salary couple times to workers since in-power . gave price guarantee from agri products. offer free education for 15 years.  free health care sheme for all. (in Thaksin had project called 30 Baht (~ 1 dollar) per visit hospital but not all persons got a member card).   etc.

unimaginable the reasons why red comrades imprint Thaksin favour. he’s not fit to accused anyone about Humanright. when himself  related to many crimes.