iafrica claims witness saw Thailand ‘s former prime who in-exile since 2008 before court gave him 2 years jailing of curruption , absentia.

Thaksin ‘s jet from Bombardier Global Express and flew out to Harare on Wednesday morning.

he claims do gold mines ,and lotto business though Global PS in Uganda.

but Uganda has few  gold raw , almost came from Sudan where war has been run. and bloodshed.

Thaksin was ever push lotto project in Thailand, that let grassroot easier to addict to gamble. and his gov use money to subsidize populism projects. how ever his lotto in thailand broke former lottery laws (about how to calculate  portion of income ,winning bonus … he  was very hurry to push lotto law until never pass new law. ) so it’s end.

this early year he posted a photo with Nelson Mandela  on his facebook fan page. by his logic and for his supporters … it’s mean Thaksin equal to Mandela who flight for democracy. but is it logic-able ?

if use the similar logic. Thaksin just one times and few ten minutes with Mandela. but his whole life before be premier of Thai. he was photographed with Hun Sen the last khmer rough , thousands times.

in 1997 Hun Sen ‘s coup in Cambodia by rumor with supported form Thai Telecom businessman.

in 2009 Hun Sen promoted Thaksin to be personal advisor to his govenment and his eternal comrade. gave him a luxury house in center of Cambodia. and Cambodia now has been self house for terror Rouge Shirt (Red Shirt)