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อีโง่, Anti Thaksin, Anti Yingluck, กะหรี่, ขายชาติ

อีโง่, Anti Thaksin, Anti Yingluck, กะหรี่, ขายชาติ

Thai-Guy Fawkes-resistant forces battles Thaksin Shinawatra and corrupt allies on Facebook. many anti Thaksin Users changes their photos to Guy Fawkes mask, and post declaration against corrupt regime on Shinawatra Allies Pages.
since 2 Years of Yingluck Shinawatra. Thaksin’s sister and puppet. country has been under worsen corruption, worsen than even when Thaksin was opposition.
Gov just declare 230,000 million baht loose in Rich Buying Scheme. 2-3 State Banks such Agri-Bank and i-Bank in bad situation cause spending money into Gov’s rice policy.

Water Management project which expect to use 350,000 millions baht but no-visible plan. Gov not give any detail to public.
Yingluck also want to make 100 years dept for country with 2.5 trillion borrowing.




today , son of Montenegrin self-fugitive corrupt Thaksin posted on his Facebook . explained why TV3′ s Nuer Mek drama irony insults  Shinawatra family

he explained cause 2  of characters in Nea Mek drama ,  one name Pethtae and another name Piarpilin refer to him (Panthongtae) and his sister (Piarthongthan) ….

Pethtae ~ Panthongtae

Piarpilin ~ Piarthongthan

Ho , how can he imagine like that. it’s just Lakorn (drama) , i watch Nea Mek almost every weekend and never thought as that. Piarpilin in Nea Mek is heroine, beautiful , smart and clever. but many Thais thinks opposite about Thaksin’s child.

Pethtae also unable to compare to Phanthongtae cause character is corrupt business women. so why Phanthongtae compare himself is the lady ? it’s mystery.

how ever Panthongtae claims he wants TV3 to re-continue  Nea Mek again even his dislike. he also shows Voltaire quotes to support his intelligence …, 😛

how ever TV3 owner still claims reason to banned Nea Mek is not relate to politic. but if we read Phanthongtae’s writing  .. we already get real reasons.

Pracha Malenon owner of BEC public.,co which manage TV3 Channel , ever was Thaksin Shinawatra’s Minister of Travel and Sport.

recently 4 Friday  (Jan) it’s strange scandal event has been talk of the town. after TV3 banned it’s prime-time program. The Neur Mek episode 2 (meaning Above Cloud)  . in Thailand drama in TV never has been banned between on-air before, this may be first time.

Nuer Mek is  para-normal & magical action theme. but also aim to anti-corruption in cabinet, some ministers. speak about  Nuclear Power Plant Project, Satellite concession , and anti profit seekers thought politic.

also this may relate to real former PM whom fugitive aboard and currently cabinet . when they watch this drama may be feel nervous.


in Neur Mek , onc character say :

i wish nothing,

only want goodness will protect whom who has moral, selfless, and stick only be good.

wish goodness will subsidise and protect all persons. wish goodness be shelter for persons who works for nation without taking.

wish all darkness what has eaten the nation will be disappeared. defeated to majesty of goodness which protect this country.

for forever . good will not be defeated.


นอกจากคุณความดีคุ้มครองผู้มีศี­ล ผู้เสียสละ และผู้มีจิตยึดมั่นในความดี ขอให้ความดี เป็นที่พึ่งแก่ทุกชีวิต ขอให้ความดีเป็นเกราะคุ้มภัยแก่­คนที่คิดทำประโยชน์สุจริตให้แก่­ประเทศชาติ ขอให้ความชั่วความเลวที่เกาะกิน­อยู่บนผืนแผ่นดินนี้สูญหาย พ่ายแพ้แก่พระบารมี ของคุณงามความดีที่ปกปักษ์รักษา­ประเทศไทย ไม่ว่าอีกนานแค่ไหน ความดีจะไม่มีวันพ่ายแพ้

Thai Terrorist, Thaksin Shinawatra .. who is convicted of corruption and abuse power when he was prime-minister. and he was charge with terrorism warrant . since he recited Red Shirt people to interrupted ASEAN summit in Pattaya 2009. and finance Terrorists to killed authorities and burned Bangkok in April – May 2010. he also have many charge about corruptions in country. but American Freedom House , Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton shown again USA double standards in action.
we not be surprised but just want to tell you this World Never Fair , and USA is bastard too.